Odell Design Studio LLC

Odell Design Studio is a Modern Fashion Jewelry brand designed by Mother - Daughter duo, Marilyn and Haley Ballard. Their influences have derived from the vastly different places they have lived. Both take an equal part in the creative process and their mission is to create fashion jewelry for women of any age. All of their designs are made from gold plated brass, finished with a never seen before colorization process and sealant. Each piece is individually colorized, making no two pieces the same. Our unique process, along with the bold and colorful approach to our designs give new meaning to the term "wearable art." #BEBOLDBEODELL is their motto for the fashion-forward woman of any age who dares to standout and wants to make an everyday statement.

All hand made in NYC and materials ethically sourced in the USA.

Made in Manhattan

By appointment only

Odell Design Studio LLC
156 E 109th St BSMT
Manhattan, NY 10029

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