Our New York Vodka

Our/New York is a small-batch, locally run vodka distillery located in the heart of Manhattan. It is the 7th member of the Our/Vodka global family.

Made in Manhattan

Learn about the making of OUR/NEW YORK VODKA in the first distillery in Manhattan since Prohibition.
The tour shares the intricate process & magic of distilling vodka on site. At the end of the 20 min tour you can opt for a tasting of OUR/NEW YORK Vodka.
To our distillery visitors we also offer the strictly limited 100-proof AfterDark label Our/New York vodka only available at the distillery.
The tours in our micro-distillery can accommodate a max. amount of 10 people per tour.
We adhere to strict safety codes and regulations at the distillery.
No smoking, no vaping, no electronic devices in the distillery.
No food. No nuts.
Photographs only in designated areas.

Our New York Vodka
151 West 26th street
Manhattan, NY 10001

Retail Stores

We only listed 3 locations but check out our website www.ournewyorkvodka.com to find a location nearest you.

Bowery & Vine
269 Bowery
Empire State of Wine
111 West 20th street
Manhattan, NY 10011
Bottoms Up Wine & Spirits
731 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238

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