Overlook Woods

Overlook Woods was founded by artist, designer and maker, Naomi Feuerstein, in 2014. Naomi fell in love with woodworking while studying at Pratt Institute and realized that was her calling. Overlook Woods represents her love of design and woodworking, need for creativity, and interest in local, handmade manufacturing. She is also continuing a family legacy of industry in New York. Naomi's grandfather was a fashion designer during the Garment District's heyday, and is proud to be carrying on this tradition.

Overlook Woods is committed to connecting people with their objects and rejects the culture of disposability. Our products are made to be used, loved and bring luxury to the mundane. We use recycled materials whenever possible, which is an aesthetic challenge and a response to environmental concerns. Beyond promoting sustainability this also gives each piece a unique history, adding depth to everyday objects. All products are carefully made by hand in Brooklyn and, with proper care, will last you a lifetime.

Made in Brooklyn

Overlook Woods
175 Van Dyke St
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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