Pepper Jacques

Pepper Jacques is an innovative luxury clothing brand that utilizes smart, sophisticated designs to capture the shapes and styles of a woman's body. Pepper Jacques is a wild card of fashion, the rebel with a cause. Pepper Jacques aims to combat body shaming at all sizes by becoming the new standard of a luxury fashion brand, inclusive. Short, petite, tall, athletic, curvy or slender, Pepper Jacques enhances women in accessible luxury fashion so they can reflect their best selves. Pepper Jacques is neither misses nor plus, it is simply a fashion brand. The Pepper Jacques woman is a trendsetter perpetually teetering on the edge of haute couture while remaining loyal to classic lines and lush fabrics. She can be seen strutting down the streets of Tokyo, Kingston, Paris, and New York in various designers, daring vintage pieces, and accessible comfort garments and certainly outfitted in PJ freshness, just to elevate her style. She is determined to make her apparel choices more poignant by defining her look with personality, culture, and sass.

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Pepper Jacques
44 Eastwood Lane
NY 11581

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