Pop Pasta

The Pop Pasta® Spaghetti Donut® combines a popular Neapolitan dish—the Spaghetti Pie (“Frittata di Maccheroni” or “Frittata di Spaghetti” in Italian, “Frittata ‘e Maccarune” in Neapolitan)—with an American food icon, the donut. A delightful savory, pasta snack that can be held in one hand and eaten as “Pasta on the Go”! The Pop Pasta® Spaghetti Donut® blends tradition, innovation, originality and quality. Traditionally, the Spaghetti Pie is a Neapolitan family dish prepared with pasta leftovers combined with eggs and cheese and then fried. The spaghetti is formed into a large round pie that is cut into wedges. Pop Pasta’s Original Spaghetti Donut® reinvents this beloved Neapolitan dish into a delicious, easy-to-eat snack. Cooked spaghetti is combined with several cheeses and a tasty sauce made from scratch following traditional Italian recipes. The ingredients are baked into a soft, savory donut for a truly delicious and fun eating experience. The Pop Pasta® menu offers a selection of main flavors with the addition of gourmet flavors offered as specials. The process of adding new sauces and combinations to the menu is constantly evolving.

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