Prepaired LLC

We make small batch baked Artisan's Granola in Long Island City, NY. A perfect balance of chewy, sweet, salty, and the most exciting part: it has a kick of spice! Most of our ingredients are organic, ingredients are all natural, and provide health benefits for the body -nothing is in there just as a filler, nothing is artificial, no chemicals, and only great fats included. In general, granolas tend not to be an exciting part of a meal, but just an extra. We challenged ourselves to make a twist, and change our client's mindset by playing around with their palate. Our gourmet granolas have cayenne pepper as part of their delicious blend of ingredients, so they add a kick of spice to any food you mix them with. That, plus extra virgin olive oil, honey, himalayan pink salts, cardamom and some extras, make up for an enticing fusion! We want our customers to think outside the box, so we supply ideas and recipes to make from baked salmon to soups, salads, roasted veggies, spreads and more. They are also a wonderful snack by itself. We offer our products in a grab 'n go 1.5oz size, as well as 10oz and 12oz retail sizes. Currently, we have 2 blends -Honey Almond Cluster and Sunrise Batch.

Made in Queens

Prepaired LLC
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