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Conscious Fashion Is Our Mission

Every year, tons of clothing items end up in landfills. Some of them are perfectly fine but because of a stain, a hole, or a broken zipper, a burnt sleeve they wind up in the bin and get on the way to polluting our environment. We actually remake fashionable clothing out of these discarded items. Everyone can embellish or sew patches on a jacket, we don't revamp clothing by adding cool things on perfectly good item of clothing, we go beyond, we rework them and make them new again. Certain types of fabric don’t disintegrate in the landfills and most likely finish in the ocean.

To show our care and respect for the environment and the planet, we make it our mission to up cycle these clothes. We salvage vintage clothing, mostly designer pieces that are damaged or partly destroyed, and bring them back to life with a fresh, fun, and young twist. By doing this, we allow them to be appreciated as contemporary fashion. Our skirts and t-shirts are made out of leftover fabric from the fashion industry and we use pre-existing prints or print our gorgeous signature motifs onto them. What we’re doing might sound like just a grain of sand, but we believe that it’s a grain of hope toward eradicating pollution.

"One man's trash is another man's treasure"

Made in Manhattan

Our manufacturing and product development is located in the basement of the Canal Street Market. Our store is located inside to market.
Hours: Monday to Saturday 11 AM to 7 PM Sunday 11 AM to 6 PM

Preppy Trendy
265 Canal Street
Manhattan, NY 10013

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