prinkshop is a cause-centric community that makes t-shirts, notebooks and totes designed and produced in the USA. We identify issues that need to be addressed; the bold, text-based graphic products we're launching with address sex trafficking, dyslexia, obesity, child abuse, Haiti, education, homelessness, and gay rights. prinkshop chooses trailblazing organizations working in each of the issues, partners with them, and donates 30% of the profits to their cause. prinkshop creates clothes and accessories that give people a voice and help them to create change in the world around them. prinkshop encourages people to participate in raising awareness for issues that need our attention. prinkshop about humanity, art and graphic design. prinkshop values creating jobs in the USA. Our manifesto: We've got issues- lots of them. We love humanity, art and graphic design. We value freedom of speech and freedom of commerce. We want to create change and create jobs. We manufacture in America. We believe that business can be profitable and socially beneficial. And silkscreening is magical. Welcome to the world of prinkshop.

Made in Manhattan

215 East 12th St.
Manhattan, NY 10003

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