R+D (est. 2017) is named after Rebekah and Doug (est. 2006). Rebekah is the shop manager, designer, and printer. The biggest difference between R+D’s jewelry making process and others is that a majority of the work is digital. Each piece is designed and then rendered in 3D before being printed, making adjustments to the design as needed. It means that a design can be replicated multiple times or customized easily. 3D printing as a method of rapid prototyping allows for a lot of fun in the process—It is easy and quick to create things that are kitschy or funny. As such, R+D likes to create things that make people smile at an accessible price point. Designs range from minimalist dangles and local landmarks, to cut outs of Beyoncé from her 'Single Ladies' video and flamingos that turn pink in direct sunlight.

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