They’re tiny. They’re adorable. They’re smart. They pack tons of personality per ounce, and they become not only a family member but an extension of ourselves. Like so many other little-dog-parents who share our devotion, we’re on a mission to give them the wonderful life they deserve. We’re starting with what we know best: great design, quality fabrics, and attention to detail.

The reason we started Ruffina is pretty simple. Our own furry family member, Ruby, needed protection and comfort during the harsh winter months in NYC. But she wouldn’t be caught dead in anything frivolous or poorly crafted, and we couldn’t blame her. When it comes to little dogs, we had a hard time finding clothing and accessories that take their unique needs as seriously as we do. They deserve nothing but the best, so we got to work in our studio.

Our vision was to create pieces that we would want to wear if we were dogs. After years of prototyping, we developed a range of products that are worthy of every little dog out there and the humans who love them. In fact, we wanted to wear these designs so much that we designed a line of tasteful, coordinated accessories so that humans can share the Ruffina experience with their little dogs. Our products are sophisticated, bold, and created with special attention to their unique proportions so that you never again have to sacrifice design for function. From the fasteners to the performance fabric to the unique separates designed for maximum comfort, we invented a brand new approach to taking care of one of your most important (and discerning) family members.

We hope you’ll get as much joy from your Ruffina wares as we have. It’s one small way that we can show our big love and appreciation to the little dogs in our lives, and yours.

We are excited to announce that we have added greeting cards to celebrate life's doggy moments and to help us get through the pandemic we have some light-hearted COVID Cards.

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