Salvage Cloth Studio

Salvage Cloth Studio is a Brooklyn-based clothing brand with a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable production.

As a consumer and a designer, I create using a full clarity guide for every style I produce. I strongly feel that honestly is the only way to re-educate clients on making better decisions when supporting brands.

These are just a few of our efforts that goes into our eco friendly collection
* All styles are made from recovered fabric to help support sustainability and use up what is already on been produced 

* Made locally in NYC & supports the sewers and small business of the garment district 

* Small batch production, we offer limited collections each season from the fabrics that we reclaim 

* All fabric scraps from our product are recycled using FABSCRAB, non of the production of this brand ends up the the landfills

* Salvage Cloth works mostly with plant based fabrics and natural notions to cut back on the consumption of plastics and synthetics

Made in Brooklyn

NYC pop up dates TBA via Website & private studio appointment upon request

Salvage Cloth Studio
1022 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11221

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