Samantha Verrone Textiles, LLC

Samantha Verrone Textiles produces one of a kind home furnishings and accessories.
Inspired by Korean Pojagi patchwork, Japanese layered Boro cloth and the challenge to make something new from that which might otherwise be discarded, these pieces are amalgams of dyeing and repairing, deconstructing and reconstructing, restraint and embellishment, preservation and reinterpretation.

Manufacturing in this way requires a slow, methodical process. Our focus is on labor intensive rather than resource depleting production using natural dyes. In employing the unique process of rust dyeing, even decay can be a thing of beauty and value. Respect for cloth, the patience to repair, embracing imperfection and practicing thrift form the taproot of our creative process. In this way, the placemat, napkin, blanket or cape, for example, becomes a functional work of art.

Made by hand in the Bronx using antique, vintage, locally and mindfully sourced materials. A portion of the profit is donated to local charities benefitting New Yorkers in need.

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