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“Environment consciousness is built in the human system. My jewelry designs are infused with Mother Nature’s beautiful shapes and textures. I give back to Mother Earth by supporting sustainable practices in my jewelry making. My clients tell me that I make gorgeous nature-themed pieces that call to them.” Sandrine Valentine, owner and creator of Sandrine B. Jewelry

Finding inspiration in the land around her, Sandrine is a collector of discarded objects. She gleans inspiration from bits and pieces of whatnot and translates them into beauty in her work. Her sustainable artisan jewelry reflects the nature and moments of life that speak to her wherever she happens to be—whether in her home town of New York City or in her travels.

Sandrine’s childhood was split between Lyon, France and her family home in Corsica where she spent her summer days wandering the mountains, the river, and the seaside, playing with twigs as rings and cherries’ stones and stems as earrings. A number of her pieces are reminiscent of her childhood memories. She once saw a dead branch being moved from the side of the road and imagined—as the villagers moved it to the river—the bathers protesting the branch in their river pool. Where could this withered thing find a home? Sandrine saw how a sculpture of this dead branch could give this discarded object a place to live.

The eclectic designs in Sandrine’s eco-friendly art-to-wear collections can be worn by both men and women. Some of her designs are molded directly from nature, including sea shells and branches. Others are inspired from her photos or drawings. Her jewelry pieces are named after the person, the object or the place that inspired them and each has its own story to tell.

Sandrine has been a human rights activist for most of her adult life. She studied law in France and in California. She arrived in New York City to attend the United Nations Special Session on Children in 2002. She remained in New York to become a public interest lawyer and won two achievements for her volunteer work and has an article published in a law journal.

Over time, she was drawn to creating art. She took drawing classes at the School of Visual Arts and found her calling in jewelry design in 2008 after attending a jewelry show in Arizona. Since then she has been studying different techniques with various prominent teachers and artists in New York City. In 2014, she went to India and began her spiritual practices that she has continued since. Spirituality has become a big part of her life and she often travels to ashrams in the US, Canada, Germany and India. Her travels overseas channel her inspiration to design jewelry.

Sandrine pays close attention to the top, bottom, sides and back of her jewelry. Some of her designs are asymmetrical and her pendants’ backs are as intriguing as the front sides.

Working primarily with the lost wax process her jewelry has dimension and weight. That solidity ensures that each jewelry piece can be passed on with the intention to bring joy and beauty to its owner.

Sandrine uses eco-friendly materials. All her packaging materials are made from recyclable materials. She recycles all of her bench sweeps and scraps and her original designs are casted in New York City by a small business using recycled metals.

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