SAV_NYC is a sustainable fashion brand with an emphasis on up-cycling and customization, founded by FIT graduate and fashion industry professional Sara Vetser. Born out of Vetser’s disappointment with fashion’s institutional level of waste and environmental harm, SAV_NYC’s primary goal is to share exciting apparel with the world, without harming the earth. “I want to make special pieces that will be worn for years instead of used briefly and then thrown away,” Vetser says.

The roots of the brand can be traced back to thrifted pairs of denim jackets and jeans that found new life with hand painted designs. Being that denim requires an exorbitant amount of water and results in large amounts of waste and pollution to produce, it was a meaningful entry-point to up-cycling.

Functioning as a one-woman shop based in NYC, SAV_NYC sources primarily local secondhand items and “rescues” them from landfills by adding new design elements, including: hand painting, embroidery, etc. One of the main long-term goals for SAV_NYC is to build a community of like-minded people who want to work together to change the way people consume, wear, and care for clothing.

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