Setton J Textiles

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world.
Partly because of the disgusting chemicals used for bleaching and dying fabrics, that end up in our rivers and oceans; partly because of the increasing speed of the fashion cycle: people buy cheap clothes every few months and then just throw them away when the next trend comes along.
At Setton J. Textiles we are bypassing both of those dirty profligate habits: we only use natural dyes, derived form plants and insects, and we make garments that are so beautiful you will never want to throw them away.
And if you are wondering if natural dyes are color-fast; go see the Egyptian or Peruvian artefacts at the Met: thousand year old embroideries and fragments with beautiful vivid colors!

Made in Brooklyn

Setton J Textiles
56 Second Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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