SSY Designs, Love Me Love YOU

SSY Designs is an accessories design and manufacturing brand that brings creative expression and luxury. Born and raised in NYC, SSY Designs is the ultimate in luxurious practicality. Designed for and by the modern woman. And while they make everything from iconic bags and clutches to small leather goods, SSY is really synonymous with their trademark item: the Shoe Jewelz. These beauties – equally at home on stilettos as they are on sneakers – are uniquely fashioned to slide over your pre-existing footwear and transform them into something entirely new. With SSY Designs, the possibilities are endless.
Handbag & Shoe Accessory by SSY DESIGNS. SSY was launched in June of 2017. All functions of and applications of the website are created and implemented by the SSY team in house.

Made in Manhattan

SSY Designs, Love Me Love YOU
252 east 57th street
Manhattan, NY 10022

Retail Stores

120 Wooster Street
Manhattan, NY 10012
Flying Solo
434 West Broadway
Manhattan, NY 10012

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