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Tech Products, Inc. Is your global source for quality identification products to the utility, pipeline and (OEM) original equipment market including, utility pole markers, valve tags, machinery data plates and safety signs for substations and transmission towers.
Our Everlast® brand is in use on many of the fiber optic cable, pipelines and distribution systems throughout the northern and southern hemisphere. The Everlast®, system has been tested by UL® to not fade in all environments for over 40 years and field tested since 1989. It is a unique product that does not use ink to convey its message. In fact our first customer, Delaware Electric Coop is still using the product to mark their poles.
Our Fasttag miniature cable marker product line has been used by the US military on its battleships, the energy industry to identify underwater cable and pipes on offshore oil rigs and many of the fiber optic cable of the cable industry.
Tech-3D is our metal embossed product line for making data plates and name plates for machinery and to mark utility poles.
TechBrite has been used by electric utilities to protect their utility poles, pipelines companies to protect their pipes from ATV’s in rural areas and municipalities to highlight traffic signage.
The pipeline industry has been marking its pipelines with Everlast® since 1989. They are used as mile markers for aerial and ground observation. They are also used as signage to warn of underground pipelines. Tech-3D embossed brass and stainless steel products have been used as valve marking and car seal tags.
The electric utility market used all of our products from Everlast® for marking transmission towers, signage warnings on substations and cable tags in underground manholes. They also use the TechBrite reflective strips to protect valuable assets like distribution poles and pad mount transformers. Fasttags have been used for marking circuit breakers, secondary cable and hand hole marking. Tech-3D products have been used as pole inspection and signage.
The OEM market has been served by our Tech-3D Embossed metal nameplates and dataplates for name recognition and item specification. Everlast® for signage in the warehouse, plant or parking lot and Fasttags for marking cable.
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