Ulli's Oil Mill LLC

Ulli's Oil Mill is about delicious fresh pressed, Austrian-style cold pressed Oils. Unfiltered, stamp pressed (truly cold pressed, no heat generated, not expeller pressed) to have the most nutrients, pressed in small batches on demand. Ulli moved to NYC 5 years ago with her NY husband and started missing all these fresh, truly cold pressed oils. The imported oils are often close to expiration, never fresh. Ulli grew up thinking in sustainable circles. Ulli's goal is to enrich the NYer/local agricultural crop rotation with oil seeds. Think camelina sativa not in biodiesel quality but pealike deliciousness - the gold of the celts, high in omega 3. Ulli has organic growers for her oilseeds in NY. It is a process of getting these oilseeds grown locally.

Made in Queens

Ulli's Oil Mill LLC
36-46 37th Street
Queens, NY 11101

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