Safety and style collide in the Haute Réflecture Reflective Wear collection by VESPERTINE. Designed to shine. Born in NYC. We make street-smart, street-style that excels on the road and off, day and night. The concept is simple. Safety wear is meant to attract attention but traditionally it is not attractive. Vespertine NYC’s Haute Réflecture reflective collection turns safety-wear on its head so that safe is gorgeous and fashion, a functional necessity. Not all reflective is equal. We use only the highest quality, brightest 3M Scotchlite™ reflective for optimal visibility and true safety. Finely tailored designs made from sustainable tech fabrics, (like water-resistant, breathable, 100% recycled/recyclable ECO poly or merino wool), designed in Brooklyn, made in NY, this is unparalleled safety wear. We support local production and craft styles that are built to last. Our vision of beautiful reflective wear illuminating the streets was born from the bikes for transportation movement, the flourishing of Bike Shares through out the world, the ingenuity of Folding Bikes, City Bikes, Dutch Bikes, Fixies, Road Bikes. Cyclists in regular clothes using the bicycle to get around. But our designs are not only for bikers. They are for all who value high design and who move about in low light conditions. So whether you bike, walk the dog, scoot to the train, push a stroller, skateboard to school, jog to town, ride a moped, wherever you go and however you get there, Vespertine Haute Réflecture lights up your stylish active lifestyle. We hope you will love it because it looks, fits and feels amazing and that you will wear it often, because it can help save your life.

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