Wendy Allen New York

Growing up and soaking in all the knowledge of what it takes to establish and maintain a firm place in the fashion industry certainly has its perks! For over 30 years, Wendy's parents have produced fashion lines in New York City. This has influenced both Wendy's passion for fashion design, as well as her love of New York City. With this in mind and a passion to help save the garment district in NYC Wendy decided to take the plunge and create her own clothing line. Wendy Allen not only promises to bring quality but she brings along a guarantee! None of the pieces in her line will be outsourced to another Country, not even another State! All of the clothing will be conceived and produced within the lovely, fashion friendly, cutting edge City as well! Following the tragic events of the market decline in 2001 and her parents having to close their factory of 30years due to outsourcing. Wendy decided to rededicate herself to NYC and this is her vision of bringing the industry back to where she feels it belongs! With fashion ability and a sense that yes, you can look and feel sexy, have a well dressed foot forward and radiate in the places that matter to you most, Wendy Allen welcomes you to make her world a mainstay in yours.

Made in Brooklyn

Wendy Allen New York
38th Street & 7th avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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