XILLI is a collection of authentic, traditional and artisanal Mexican Salsas, Moles, Escabeches and Adobos. These preparations have been staples in Mexican kitchens for centuries. Now we're making them by hand in Brooklyn using traditional recipes and fresh ingredients while keeping conscientious methods in mind and heart. Our recipes are centuries old and we try to improve them only by adapting classic techniques to our modern knowledge. In so doing, we achieve a product that is simple, delicious, authentic and unique. Our flavors call to mind that favorite dish your Mexican abuela used to make, regardless of whether or not you ever had a Mexican! Our products are simple, universal, easy to use and easy to pair. There are many salsas on the market, but none that are truly authentic, fresh, local, based on research and truly delicious. None that will bring back memories or transport you the way ours will. No matter where your dishes are from, these additions add subtlety and vitality to even the simplest recipes because the one ingredient they all have in common is the most deceptively simple, chilies.

Made in Brooklyn


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Brooklyn, NY 11211

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