Yubakery is an artisanal bakery based in Brooklyn that specializes in Brazilian snacks made from yuca (cassava). All of our products are gluten free and only made with natural/organic ingredients. We have two flavors of Yupuffs (a crispy-crunchy puff); parmesan cheese and coconut oil-flax seed. We also make a frozen version of Brazilian style cheese bread (pão de queijo) called Yubuns that are ready for you to bake at home. For over three years Yubakery has been providing NYC's grocery stores, cafe's and coffee shops with our unique snacks. They can also be bought directly from our website and other online platforms.

Made in Brooklyn

We are hoping to have weekend pick ups and tastings in summer 2021.

37 Richards Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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Daniela Martins-Schwarzbauer