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We’ve partnered with Start Small Think Big to showcase gifts from small makers and manufacturers in New York City. Support these hardworking New Yorkers and their communities. There’s never been a more important time to shop small and local.

Gifts for the Home

Brazil Single Origin Coffee image

Brazil Single Origin Coffee

$14 Don Carvajal Café Made in Queens

Don Carvajal’s Single Origin Coffee from Brazil is bold and earthy with low acidity. It’s a medium body roast with toasty notes of walnut and cocoa.

Hector is the 24 year old Afro-Dominican founder of Don Carvajal Café who turned a class project into a thriving organic, specialty coffee business that – in just a year and a half – is sold in over 40 supermarkets across NYC!

Handmade Fruity Black & Blue Jam image

Handmade Fruity Black & Blue Jam

$12 Ks EUROPEAN JAMS Made in Manhattan

Whole blackberries and blueberries come together in this deeply flavored and richly textured jam: slightly crunchy from the blackberries, while whole blueberries burst with flavor in every bite. Enjoy this intense summer-flavored, succulent jam on toast, pancakes or waffles. Versatile on breads, for baking and with yogurt.

K’s European Jams is an award-winning line of premium European-Style, all-natural, small-batch jams made in NYC. Katharina’s love of jam was born in her country gardens in Germany and France, where her mother and grandmother taught her the art of crafting preserves. In New York, she combines that expertise with local fruit to create artisanal blends that let the fruit shine.

Agua Bodysuit image

Agua Bodysuit

$28 Ojala Threads Inc. Made in the Bronx

Ojala Threads’ Agua Bodysuit is inspired by the Taino symbol for hurricanes. The symbol is a reminder that storms come, and pass, even when their intensity might be surprising!

Ramona imagined a clothing line that would reflect her heritage. By outfitting children, Ojala Threads reminds parents of their uniqueness, and creates a strong sense of community.

Beldi Olive Tapenade with Garlic & Rosemary image

Beldi Olive Tapenade with Garlic & Rosemary

$15 Spread-mmms, LLC Made in Manhattan

Arrestingly delicious, Beldi Olive Tapenade with Garlic & Rosemary is perfect for cheese pairings, sandwiches, and in your favorite recipes.

Rebecca launched Spread-mmms after returning to NYC from a Peace Corps service in Paraguay. She’d had fallen in love with food, and with the support of some friends, decided to try out her famous Olive Tapenade as her first product. One tapenade quickly turned into a family of spreads, and the line grew from there. All about community, she is a proud member of the East Harlem Business Community, Buy Local East Harlem, New York Women’s Culinary Alliance & Hot Bread Kitchen Incubates.

Gifts of Style

Good Locks Scrunchie Set image

Good Locks Scrunchie Set

$16 Istani Made in the Bronx

Good Locks Scrunchie Sets are made in Istani’s Bronx studio with scrap fabrics from their fashion line. Brighten up your locks with these scrunchies.

Tehmina is a Pakistani-born, NYC-cultivated citizen of the world. She spent her pre-Istani time building a non-profit career and gave that up in 2017 to travel and fuel her creativity. This is when she found the inspiration for Istani and established the company in 2019. Her vision is to create a lifestyle brand that speaks to people of hyphenated and mutli-cultural identities everywhere.

Lautrec Cuff Bracelet image

Lautrec Cuff Bracelet

$195 Thea Grant Made in Brooklyn

Part of their ‘Diamonds in the Rough’ collection, the Lautrec Cuff fuses a very common American industrial material, brass, with the finest of jewels: a diamond. The raw, recycled brass has been polished to shine like gold. The diamond is set at the center of a single, hand-engraved starburst – a detail adopted from classic Victorian jewelry bringing a fine flourish to a traditionally humble material. Over time, this bracelet will oxidize to a rich brass patina which beautifully offsets the diamond.

Husband and wife team Thea and Nicolas own Thea Grant, a retail shop, jewelry brand and design company founded in 2005. Located in DUMBO, their store is a cabinet of curiosities stocked floor-to-ceiling with jewels and vintage objects. Their work-bench offers on-site jewelry creation, as well as antique pieces ranging from the quotidian and industrial to the rare and refined.

French Creed Sweatshirt image

French Creed Sweatshirt

$75 Preppy Trendy Made in Manhattan

Preppy Trendy’s recycled sweatshirt line is an ode to sustainability while being stylish and practical. Either with a witty and funny graphic or just plain text – this is a must have sweatshirt. Made of cotton and poly, they’re pill-resistant.

Marie makes guilt-free clothing, so her customers can look stylish with ease. Preppy Trendy was born in 2013 when Marie had an epiphany while waiting for a train in New York. She noticed a woman standing near her dressed effortlessly. Floored by her presence, Marie realized that many women already own essential outfits – they just need classic pieces to enhance their already excellent style. That’s what Preppy Trendy is all about!

Deco Hex Bolo in Sterling Silver image

Deco Hex Bolo in Sterling Silver

$250 Emiko Shinozaki Jewelry Made in Brooklyn

Emiko Shinozaki’s versatile Deco Hex Bolo is adjustable – wear it in front with pendants, reversed with a low backed dress for drama, or cluster to accommodate a light turtleneck sweater. It has a delicate 24-inch Sterling silver chain.

Inspired by organic chemical structures and architecture, Emiko Shinozaki started her eponymous line in 2015 after a circuitous path through pre-medical studies and a professional musical career before traveling, studying fashion and working in Japan, Italy and France. Realizing that requests for pieces in her personal collection were attracting attention, the time had come to become a maker, handcrafting jewelry in her DUMBO studio. Emiko Shinozaki won an Emerging Artist Award from the American Craft Council and recently completed an Artist Studios residency at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC.

Gifts of Wellness

Natural Detoxifying Masks image

Natural Detoxifying Masks

$20 Darker Shade of Ebony Made in Brooklyn

Natural handmade masks soften and pull toxins out of the skin, removing dead cells. Rejuvenate the natural beauty of your skin, lighten dark spots and tighten fine lines and wrinkles.

Dionne is the founder of Darker Shade of Ebony, Inc. Dionne’s passion for her products arose from her own need to combat the adverse effects of the products she was using, and to look and feel beautiful.

Port of Spain Curved Face Mask image

Port of Spain Curved Face Mask

$30 Ruth Nathan's Made in Manhattan

Reusable and washable, these fabric masks will keep you looking good while protecting yourself and others. They contain a pocket for a filter and nose wire for a snug fit. Handmade in NYC, they use Non-latex elastic for a secure fit around your ears.

My name is Nicole R. Brown. My company is Ruth Nathan’s, and I design luxury masks, bow ties, and pocket squares for the Urban Peacock, discerning men (and women). I started this company to pay homage to my maternal grandparents Ruth and Nathan. Ruth was a classy dresser, and Nathan was an accomplished tailor, both from Greenville, Mississippi. They instilled in me the importance of honest work and perseverance and looking distinguished while doing so.

Never Sleep Herb Card image

Never Sleep Herb Card

$8 Sacha Raps Made in Brooklyn

Write, Plant, Nourish. Watch your message grow into an edible herb trifecta of basil, parsley and oregano. Features the “Never Sleep” linocut print. Made with love from Kings County in the city that never sleeps. Made with bio-degradable materials, it comes in a natural corn sleeve and a recycled kraft envelope.

Manila roots, New York fruits! Sacha is a Filipino immigrant and a self-taught visual artist. She hand carves prints with her illustrations and makes stained glass treasures.

Ronnie's Combo image

Ronnie's Combo

$70 The Ronnie Shop Made in the Bronx

A complete haircare system to stimulate hair growth, soothe the scalp, and help grow thicker and longer hair.

Garonne Decossard aka “Ronnie” is a chemical engineer who founded The Ronnie Shop in 2015 after dealing with her own hair loss, she decided to share her gift with the world. Her brand specializes in hair regrowth products, which she has designed and developed with all-natural and essential oils with “moisturizing, sealing and restorative properties to soothe and stimulate the scalp.”

Gifts for You


The "Crown Her" Hair Piece

$65 Brooklyn Blooms Made in Brooklyn

We love this carefully-crafted flower crown, made from precious blooms and foliage. It uses heavy gold wire as the base and rose gold wire for the binding. Brooklyn Blooms’ crowns use flowers and greenery that dry well, so the crown can be transformed into wall decor once it dries. Perfect for you or that special someone in your life.

LaParis is a St. Louis native, and has lived in NYC for over 10 years. She’s obsessed with flowers and anything beautiful, and has been designing for over 14 years. Living in NYC was her dream ever since she was young, so to own two flower shops in Brooklyn is beyond anything she dreamed! Although she moved to NYC to be in the fashion industry, her destiny had a better plan, and she’s just in for the ride.

Box of Mixed Kombucha Popsicles image

Box of Mixed Kombucha Popsicles

$72 The Better Pop Made in Manhattan

What could be better than a box of 12 mixed kombucha popsicles? Flavors include Pina Colada, Chili Pineapple Tamarind, and Cherry Sumac.

Ruby Schechter is a designer and entrepreneur living in NYC. Founder of The Better Pop, a uniquely shaped kombucha popsicle company, her mission is to show people that healthy food can also taste amazing. Through design and taste, The Better Pop is making it easier for people to make better food choices, one popsicle at a time. When she’s not attending to popsicle matters, Ruby can be found exploring NYC restaurants, baking in the kitchen, and rock climbing.

Pie Crust Cookie Gift Box image

Pie Crust Cookie Gift Box

Get all of Janie’s famous Pie Crust Cookies in a sweet gift box – Apple, Pecan, Chocolate and Triple Berry Pie Crust Cookies! Sweetly nestled into a silver or white shipping gift box with a pop of pink crinkle paper, they’re fun to open, even more fun to eat!

Janie’s Life-Changing Baked Goods was founded in 2015 after Janie spent years struggling with addiction and homelessness in her early 20’s. Janie’s was born out of a meditative act of self-care, baking, as Janie was reconstructing her life and trying to stay sober. Janie is a born and raised NYer, avid cheese lover, has a dog named bubbles (also born and raised in NY), loves running and has even run the NYC marathon! Currently, she is working on disrupting the cookie industry by launching her Pecan Pie Crust Cookies in grocery stores (Whole Foods and Fresh Direct) and is Food Network Chopped Sweets Champion!

Holiday Gift Set image

Holiday Gift Set

$40 Spoonable Spirits Made in Manhattan

Choose 3 flavors from Spoonable Spirits’ holiday collection – Rum N Cookie, Whiskey Rolos, Holiday Horchata or Peppermint Schnapps Hot Chocolate. They’ll send a silver insulated gift pack. Includes a Candy Cane spoon!

Kelli Lipson is a native New Yorker with a lifelong passion for food and entertaining. After college, she worked for 6 years for Food Network star Sandra Lee. She is currently working toward her MBA at Columbia Business School with a focus in food entrepreneurship.

Holiday Gift Bag

Made in NYC Gift Bag image

Made in NYC Gift Bag


This gift bag is sold on Steady Goods, a hyper-local, community-sourced e-commerce platform that serves NYC creators whose businesses have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 15% of all profits go directly back into the community as COVID-19 relief. Additionally, a portion of the sales go right back to Made in NYC to support our work with NYC's manufacturing and maker community.

-Made in NYC Tote Bag, Carry All Bag Co. & The Brooklyn Press – Made in Brooklyn
-Sweet Heat Hot Sauce, 718 Heat Factory – Made in Queens
-No. 3 Biker’s Brew Pomade, BABE of Brooklyn – Made in Brooklyn
-The Retreat Pain Relieving Body Scrub, Bädé Collection – Made in Manhattan
-Bean Bag Can, Grady’s Cold Brew – Made in the Bronx
-Rosemary Chocolate Bar, Milène Jardine Chocolatier – Made in Queens
-Always Use Protection Hand Sanitizer Kit, Môtô Spirits – Made in Brooklyn
-Each box also includes a special surprise treat (Tangy Herb Blend Hot Sauce, Brooklyn Grange OR Rose Atlantic Body Lotion, DS & Durga)

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