We help you make it here,
so you can make it here!

Made In NYC, an initiative of Pratt Center for Community Development, was created to support the entrepreneurs and innovators creating high-quality, high-value products made locally by New Yorkers for local and global distribution. Made In NYC includes over 1,200 companies representing all major industrial and manufacturing sectors in NYC. Our member businesses advance New York City’s vibrant and diverse economy by creating sustainable jobs in local communities across the five boroughs.

The Made In NYC Difference

Knowledge & Skills Development

Providing education and professional development support in marketing, branding, and communications: Through Made in NYC’s Pratt Institute partnership, we leverage the world-class expertise of Pratt Institute’s faculty and students from the departments of design management, interactive arts, communications design, photography, and film to enhance the marketing and communications capacity of our member companies.

We offer an array of opportunities to Made In NYC businesses to engage in a variety of workshops, intensive one-on-one clinics, seminars, pop-up studios, and supervised internships of Pratt students to develop optimal strategies to position and market their products and increase sales.

“The 4 workshops I’ve attended have been very useful and very efficient. The content is really tailored to who is in the room so you receive just what you need to know as a small manufacturing business.”

Matt Frederick, Atlantic Confectionery Company


Building and strengthening community for Made In NYC’s manufacturing workers, business owners, and entrepreneurs: We organize events that gather members of Made In NYC manufacturing community in one place to showcase their products, share challenges, make connections, and discover allies and collaborators.

“Made in NYC helped us get back on track, and also made us realize that we’re not alone.”

– Ike De Guzman, Bonne Fete Baking

Madeinnyc.org provides an online forum for member companies to market their business and products and connect with other manufacturers through dedicated company profiles.


Enhancing the visibility of NYC-based manufacturers and their unique products both offline and online. NYC is the home to a vibrant and diverse community of manufacturing companies that create unique, value-added products ranging from specialty foods, like Raaka Chocolates to design-driven apparel, like Final Frontier to cutting-edge gadgets. Throughout the year we create and identify opportunities for our members to showcase their products through curated pop-up markets, special event programing and themed Holiday campaigns.

“Our listing on MadeinNYC.org is the #1 way people find our company. The Made in NYC logo and brand has huge marketing value and is a great asset to use on our products.”

– Rebecca Scott, Sustainable Snacks

In addition to our campaigns, we maintain and continue to innovate features for our members on our website madeinnyc.org, which acts as a gateway for the general public to discover the immense variety of goods and products made here in NYC. MadeinNYC.org serves not only consumers, but the business community as well by enabling companies and individuals to make informed purchase decisions and source and buy products created locally within the five boroughs.

As the manufacturing space in NYC continues to evolve to expand the scope of what it means to be a manufacturer, so will the services and support Made In NYC provides as we continue to strengthen our member companies in service of a diverse healthy city economy.